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Multimedia Installations

Listening To Listening

a site-responsive (implied) audio + video installation

If we could hear listening,

what would it sound like? 

Inspired by Graham Harman's The Third Table and similar notions surrounding the immateriality of materiality; this piece implies an audio source through the use of precariously placed microphones juxtaposed to a silent video of people listening to listening. 

The sounds of the setting in which the piece is installed becomes part of the project. In this case, a lively city reverberates outside of the context of a quiet gallery.

Pulling insight from Luigi Russolo's The Art of Noise, in which he alludes to the lack of silence in our industrialized and modernized world, I intend to showcase the forgotten sound of silence; it's essence - by providing the viewer a nostalgia for the present by presenting to them their own sense of hearing. 


From Farm To Table

an audio-video installation

So, how do you feel about all this?

farm to table setup.jpg

Enclosed with chicken wire, two analog TVs are stacked in symmetry. An unplugged microphone is propped towards the bottom screen. A pair of headphones stretches from behind the screens while film strips partially obscure the information coming from the screen. A yoga mat reaches out from the bottom of the stack for the spectator to sit on. Holding back crucial information,  

the top TV attempts an escape from the cage. 


Both real and artificial people, food, the medium itself and the spectator are interviewed as if to ask what they think about the reality of natural resources as they are presented through the commercial media associated with their production.

The piece granularly dials down awareness of the self to investigate what we allow the body to consume in the forms of diet, dogma and media. Inspired by the video art canon, existential philosophies, artificial intelligence, mysticism and Michael Pollan's take on human desires - these food and reality-production processes are probed in hopes to remind the viewer of their relations to these 'farm to table' processes. 



*Updated Documentation Coming Soon*