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Under the moniker Grimeography, Tyler Grimes (b. 1994 in Wilmington, DE) conceptually integrates a multidisciplinary approach to ponder provocative paradoxes, curiosities, and ontologies in order to reconsider one's place and purpose in reality. Pulling influences from various schools of thought, he invites his viewers to manifest ideas that may help them discover more about their own subjective experience of being-in-the-world.
Grimes has a background in visual communications and recently earned his MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He's been awarded research grants, admittance into artists residencies, scholarships and has been a part of award-winning film productions (beyond his own freelance projects). His work has been exhibited internationally, though he's still an up-and-coming artist. His distinct pedagogy places him in a Digital Media Production program where he regularly lectures on media/communication theory, philosophy, production techniques, and aesthetics. He aspires to continue his research-based creative practice at the intersection of art, ecology, emergent technologies and media communications.
Recently, I have been enamored by speculative and mystical notions surrounding the 'experience of experience' and how modern technological mediation may influence our ecological awareness of self and Earth. This intrigue extends into questioning quotidian cartographies of the relations between objects (physical and immaterial, human and non-human) by harvesting alternative sources of Truth beyond how it is often constructed, disseminated and perceived. My preoccupation with the most real reality manifests multimedia works that explore and propose a post-humanistic self-awareness through bodily consumption of diet, dogma and media. 
Attempting to be a vessel that reality speaks through, my work is also informed by experimental, metaphorical and sometimes literal interviews with the earth as if to ask "how it feels" about being portrayed as an exploitable and marketable object. I aim to notion towards a possible intelligence in nature, as theorized through indigenous epistemologies, by framing the self as a liminal medium in relation to its environment. This research carries me, as I see these motifs and our perceptions of such as paramount in today's media-saturated and environmentally fragile world. 

Tyler J. Grimes

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Recent Exhibitions

Beyond the Frame : Exploring Mixed Media,

Torpedo Factory Art Center

December 2022 - Alexandria, VA

This exhibit features artists experimenting with what photography is capable of beyond its traditional framed presentation on the wall. 

Nature and Technology, Visionary Art Collective

December 2022 - Brooklyn, NY

I was a featured artist in this exhibit, as well as being awarded "2nd place" in a recent issue of the New Visionary Magazine.


20x21 Exhibition, Decker Gallery

November 2022 - Baltimore, MD

Ask: Our Diverse World - Virtuality,

Tsinghua University

October 2021 - Beijing, China

An international exhibition bringing together artists around one central theme: "Why isn't reality real"?

Challenging Assumptions, Leidy Gallery

March 2021 - Baltimore, MD

The 2021 iteration of MICA's graduate show.

The works challenged what is "real, true and known". 

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