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Alternative​ Narrative

This piece is investigating awareness of self and what one allows the body to consume in the forms of diet, dogma and media. The earth, the spectator, and the commercial media are interviewed to ask 'how they feel'.

This multi-channel video piece is an observation of the marketing campaigns that fuel various food-industrial-complex processes and how some of these foods are artificially produced. These processes are juxtaposed to a 'fasted lifestyle'.

An instructional video on how I compost - literally.

A speculative and experimental documentary that speaks to a possible intelligence in nature, language, mystical states, jazz music, indeterminacy, and chance operations.

The bag of the wind.

La bolsa del viento.

The wind in the tree.

An observation, a meditation.

Where did the bag come from? How is it going? 

Video Art

Through appropriated footage and borrowing symbols of material consumption,

I pose a simple question.

The earth is in a constant process of flux and evolution. Humans and their technologies have just arrived, will perception ever evolve?

Does democracy actually exist, or is it the deep dream

of an algorithm from long ago?

This is an experimental interview with the embodiment of the democratic process as it perpetually changes from one iteration of itself into the next.

Head over  to vimeo to see the rest! 

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