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Herding The Gaze Away From The Pasture

a self-reflective virtual reality +
multimedia video installation 

In this reality, the spectator is given the chance to observe their own perceptions in an art gallery containing rendered versions of natural resources. Along with analog TVs and reflective surfaces, these same objects are repeated in the context of a virtual art gallery. Once within the virtual space, the spectator is greeted by a mediated view of their real self

through the utilization of a live video-feed mechanism.




Now-a-days, humanity seems to be accustomed to finding their understandings of reality,

culture, and purpose through media technology. The intake of such sources often has one consuming without speculation. In times of diminishing natural resources, climate crises, and questionable sources of 'the 'real' - this project fosters a self-reflective experience for social change, conversation and contemplation by probing both the nature of reality and the reality of nature.



This project notions toward an experience of non-duality between earth, technology and self. In the process, it sparks curiosities surrounding bodily phenomenology, systems of value, 'the attention economy', post-humanism, media-ecology, simulacra, and historical-technological canons. Through manifesting a liminal space in which the spectator could reflect on their relations to the earth's very real resources, the work also intends to shed a light of mindfulness as to

how media technologies might redirect a distracted gaze.


The real world art gallery installation (above)

The virtual art gallery installation (below)


 An interactive audio component embellishes the virtual space with my current interests into having conversations with a (possible) intelligence in nature. As a means to form dialogue with the environment, I enjoyed applying bio-sonification recordings in this piece -

the 'voice of nature' guides the spectator throughout the piece. 


 Documentation of an alternate/smaller version of the installation, as seen at the 

Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA, can be found here. 

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