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Herding The Gaze Away From The Pasture

a self-reflective virtual reality +
multimedia video installation 

In the real world, I allow the spectator to examine their own perceptions of reality in an art gallery containing rendered versions of natural resources; along with analog TVs and reflective surfaces. Once within the VR space, these same objects are repeated in the context of a virtual art gallery.

The spectator eventually meets a mediated view of their real self

through my utilization of a live video-feed mechanism.



Now-a-days, people are accustomed to finding their sources of reality, culture, information and purpose through technology. The responses to which are often consumption without speculation. In times of climate crises, diminishing natural resources, meaning crises and

questionable sources of the 'realest reality';

this project fosters a self-reflective experience for

social change, conversation and contemplation by probing

both the nature of reality and the reality of nature.



In this piece, I notion towards an experience of non-duality between Earth, technology and self. In the process I spark curiosities surrounding bodily phenomenology, systems of value, 'the attention economy', media-ecologies, simulacra and historical-technological canons. My intent is to manifest a space for the spectator to remind themself of their duty as a steward of the Earth's very real resources and to shed a light of mindfulness to the way

some media imagery can misdirect us from this call to action.



 An interactive audio component embellished the immersive experience and expanded on my research into intelligence in nature as I am currently exploring bio-sonification technologies.

This 'voice of nature' guides the spectator throughout the piece. 


The real world art gallery installation (above)

The virtual art gallery installation (below)


Virtual Reality ("VR") is a new technology that is still being developed. As with any new technology there is limited research into it's short and long-term effects. VR can be a very immersive experience and there are some risks associated with its use, particularly because it can affect everyone differently.

If at any time you experience: Discomfort (eye strain, blurred/altered vision, motion sickness, light-headedness, disorientation), hearing damage, interference with medial devices, or panicked/claustrophobic feelings, please stop using the VR headset immediately.

By engaging with this installation, you consent to all interactive elements.

The experience may be visceral to some, so proceed with caution. 

Please enter with a sober and open mind in order to foster the intended effect. 

Please wipe down the headset after use.