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Alternative​ Narrative

An alternative narrative investigating awareness of self and what we allow the body to consume in the forms of diet, dogma and media. The earth, the spectator and the commercial media are interviewed. 

Read more about From Farm To Table HERE

This multi-channel video piece serves as an investigation and observation into the marketing campaigns that fuel the various food-industrial-complex processes of how some of these foods are artificially produced. These processes are juxtaposed to a 'fasted lifestyle'.

Read more about Too Fast To Fast HERE

This piece is part speculative video essay, part video art, part 'alternative narrative', and all parts conceptual. Please enjoy. It researches intelligence in nature, language, mystical states, jazz music, indeterminacy and chance operations.  

Inspired by the pervasiveness of the Tao and the inevitable rise of artificial intelligence. The earth is in a constant process of flux and evolution. Humans and their technologies are just here temporarily, does perception ever evolve?

Music Video​s

A music video for Lady Ro which explores themes of self-reflection, altered perceptions of reality and manic states through an alternative narrative.

Filmed in the Baltimore, MD area. 

A conceptual and symbolic approach to mourn the passing of a friend in an alternative hip-hop style.

Filmed in the Wilmington, DE area. 

A music video for upcoming artist, painter, creative and rapper Lord Loop (aka Eric O'Neill). Traversing altered states of awareness, he finds his own form of expression amidst the decay of life and values around him. 

An ode to AudioTree and the way they capture their studio sessions, with a mechanical twist! These Machines is an up and coming York, PA based Math/Prog Rock band. 

Marketing + Promotional

Both professionally and freelance (sometimes probono) I have been fortunate enough to produce promotional materials for a handful of diverse types of clients and companies. 

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