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What happens post-compost? Informed by Eastern concepts of non-duality, karmic cycles of death/rebirth and ahimsa ('non-harm'), I intend to bring to mind the commodification of the earth and the food resources we consume of it. As these resources decay, so do we; but out of this realization of impermanence comes a new perspective on life.

This concept was also explored via moving image. 

This is an on-going series.

If you would like to model for this series, reach out to me! 

Food of the Gods: 

These Machines

Inspired by the McKenna text of the same title, this series is a hypothetical illustration of a history of how our ancestors may have become aware of themselves. The caveman (as a symbol of our archaic primality) is taken trough his own process of individuation, eventually reaching a self-reflective state. The extension of the series, These Machines, finds the same archetypal caveman embracing himself through the technologies that now

influence his reality and perception of self. 

This idea was also adapted to the moving image.  

Music Promotionals

I've worked with bands/artists of various genres including, but not limited to: Alternative Rock, Hardcore, Hip-Hop and Pop-Rock. I'm always looking to shoot some more!

Formal Portraits