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Listening To Listening

a site-responsive (implied) audio + video installation 

If we could hear listening,

what would it sound like? 

Inspired by Graham Harman's The Third Table and similar notions surrounding the immateriality of materiality; this piece implies an audio source through the use of precariously placed (unplugged) microphones juxtaposed to a silent video of people listening to listening. 

The sounds of the setting in which the piece is installed becomes part of the project. In this case, a lively city reverberates outside of the context of a quiet gallery.

Similarly pulling insight from Luigi Russolo's The Art of Noise, in which he alludes to the lack of silence in our industrialized and modernized world, I intend to showcase the forgotten sound of silence and it's essence - by providing the viewer a nostalgia for the present by presenting to them their own sense of hearing.

How loud can silence be?

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