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Sound Design

Through a sound-oriented moniker, Min-arp, I have enjoyed experimenting with various instruments, softwares and workflows to make conceptual soundscapes. Most recently this has included experiments with Bio-sonification, chance operations, granular synthesis and audio effects.



Language Design

"Hongolalia"is a theoretical and conceptual language used to communicate with plant life. It is a combination of the Spanish word for mushroom (hongo) and the phenomenon of glossolalia. It is only accessible in moments of complete silence and mindfulness (after an initial greeting of 'random vibrational toning').

What would the plants have to tell us if we could listen?


Speculative Design

"Reality Check" is a speculative movie script fabricated with the assistance of Runway ML (a machine-learning software that allows it's users to train and utilize neural networks). In concept, the narrator enters into conversation with and about reality itself. The responses to which are insightful and equally humorous as the machine fumbles over its own logic as if to ask:

How could neural network/machine learning technologies help us better understand ecology?


Ideated for a design-writing-research class.


Have You Seen Me? 

I became interested in the experience of non-human entities moving through the decay of society. This is an ongoing series also influenced by the Viceland series Abandoned in its commentary on similar topics of the places and faces affected by modernity. I have been documenting the various scooters that people leave around town in an effort to raise awareness.  I appropriate the aesthetics of posters used to document missing persons as if to anthropomorphize the scooters presence around town. 

All photos were shot on a one-day disposable iPhone 7. 

Have Me Seen Me? Have You Seen You? 

An extension of the series above: 

Ultimately this concept took the form of a dada-esque photo-montage. Part self-observation, part societal commentary, it questions what each person leaves behind as culture eventually collapses in on itself. What bought is here in the first place? Can the media be a distraction from these truths? Have you seen you? 


Face File: PUNK'D!

A photomontage where language becomes a medium (but also a barrier) between humans and non-humans. 


The right side depicts imagery of liminal experiences when nature and man were one, possible histories of our origins in outer space, and how we came to utilize the earth through agriculture. Nature speaks in nonsense-gibberish.

The middle section depicts man's first encounters with his nature-self through phenomenal glossolalia and how we slowly formed our own language. Societies and cultures came and went. Eventually came the invention of land-labor relations and over time our dependency on currency... PUNK'D!


The astronaut that has traveled through the depths of language brings back with him concepts of marketing, advertising, subversive cultures, entire lifestyles based on material consumption. Coincidentally he also brings the effects of what these industries and products have on us. Examples include allergies to certain products, the medical-industrial complex, and how even our orgasms are marketed towards. Oh, how our pupils reflex to it all. 


All these possessions may be 'modern drugs' used for the purpose of keeping us preoccupied. When, why, and how did humans create separative hierarchies between ourselves and non-humans? What would the natural world be telling us if it could speak? Have we PUNK'D ourselves? 

Caloric Cartography

A community-based collage that asked patrons to contribute the stickers from the various fruits and vegetables they consumed. 


Through chance operations, the stickers slowly started forming map-like shapes as if to mimic the origin of the consumables themselves. Colorful countries emerge, the white space between becomes water-based trade routes.

The commodification of the planet and its resources becomes apparent through the presence of the barcodes on the stickers. How organic is the supply chain that brings these resources to your local grocers? Paid, thank you. 


Commissioned Graphic Designs

Through both my career-oriented positions and my freelance work I have had the opportunity to produce graphic designs for various types of clients. 


Freelance Graphic Design